After over 60 years, we’re going to share with you what we know! That’s right, we said 60 years! We call it, giving you the “Muller Advantage.” With this much history, you can expect we have the best database of qualified buyers and tenants. This allows us to connect you with the right buyer/tenant, who’s targeted and qualified.

Most properties are sold to buyers within a 3 to 5 mile radius. With our local knowledge, city relationships, the ability to have quick evaluation of the property, our long history in construction, along with knowing the Orange County community, we are able to get results!

Sure we do traditional marketing, like all of the other companies. But what’s going to make your property stand out? Well, in today’s world, you have to love digital marketing. As a boutique firm, we go above and beyond for our clients in making sure your property is both locally and widely exposed. We provide a well-thought out and customized listing launch to our specific target clients who only buy in your market. This comes with the property’s own landing page including: HD images, Video, responsive online brochure, E-mail drip campaign and SMS campaigns.

Let’s not forget our amazing tenants! We have long-term tenant relationships and know tenant retention. We start by qualifying the tenant and taking the time to understand their needs. We are customer service focused and provide unmatched experience to retain tenants and make sure they are a success.

Landlord Representation Services Include:

  • Property Assessment
  • Marketing
  • Lease Administration
  • Property Management & Leasing
  • Exceptional Tenant Personalized Service

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