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This is probably the most powerful service we can provide to property owners. Lease Administration is like the super-food of Commercial Real Estate. What does that mean? We take a look at your leases and gather the key points to ensure contract adherence. Then with our advice, we help make your real estate more valuable, better utilized, and with less risk. This is a tool that allows property owners to recognize potential problems as well as opportunities.

Lease Administration, at it’s core, boils down to two essential points: organization and risk management.

Additional benefits…

  • Manage contractual obligations and rights (including insurance requirements, operating expenses, rights of refusal and renewal, maintenance, repairs, relocation, parking, signage, and termination rights just to name a few.)
  • Current Market Rate Data (including rent projections)
  • Negotiations of all active leases (as well as identifying opportunities to re-negotiate lease terms and rates)
  • Manage tenant-mix and potential exposure of tenant defaults
  • Management of critical dates and options
  • We help you identify lease rights and avoid costly traps
  • Time Management of payments, late fees, renewals, subleases and terminations

FREE Consultation..

Let’s meet! We will provide a free consultation to see how we can help you with your current lease program. Costs are reduced, savings are realized, mistakes are prevented, and regulations are complied with – we give our clients an edge of expertise that is difficult to achieve in-house.

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